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With thanks to her artist mother for a lifetime of training in illustration, painting, color and composition, as well as an excellent art education and grant from Hofstra University, LeeAna hustles as a graphic designer for both print and web out of her home office & showroom in Brooklyn, New York. After a bachelor's in graphic design & immediate support outside NYC from her aunt and uncle, an amazing opportunity arose where for the next 5 1/2 years she worked under Todd Snyder and his company Tailgate, recently acquired by American Eagle Outfitters. This past winter she made the hard decision to move on so that she could embark on new adventures (including finding her own clients!). She is beyond grateful for her many experiences there; shout-outs to Todd, Josh, Jimmy & James, who ultimately gave her the confidence to go out on her own.

In the fall, LeeAna launched an ethical clothing brand, Susty, which features a satiric collection of circular economic, sustainable and anti-corporate themes. The graphics are printed on upcycled t-shirts and include a plantable hangtag with proceeds to charities. It was a passion project with an overwhelming response, and she now has high hopes for its future.

Her personal work often features environmental and global themes and has been featured in high fashion, advertising, web and fine art contexts. Her skills are not only finely tuned across an array of mediums, LeeAna has been told she has a keen eye with high taste level.  She boasts that, visually, she can create or recreate anything and everything (with the exception of video - something she works on as a hobby and envies colleagues in the motion graphic and cinematography scenes). 

Other recent projects include rebranding, web designing and designing a clean and modern 50 page book of research and data collected by scholars at the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin-Madison called APLUS. She also designs women's, men's and kid's t-shirt graphics for all of the New York City souvenir shops, and does the branding, web/UX design, and social marketing ads for the newest and more rockin' version of AirBNB: TourSleeper. LeeAna mostly enjoys tutoring professionals in photo-retouching (Photoshop), as well as Illustrator and InDesign.

Recently supported by Tern Bicycles, LeeAna's next adventure is a cycling trip through South America to raise funds for global arts education. She's calling this exciting new project Dado, and you can donate to support the cause here

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