I have been creating art for as long as i can remember, and I am extremely lucky that as an adult I get paid to do it. I was brought up mastering painting, illustrating, and perfecting all things visual — and have since found exciting success in the world of graphic design.

I worked many years in fashion (by New York standards), left, then created a completely waste-free/give-back clothing brand I call Susty. I brought a touring bicycle to South America and led an art workshop at a school in Ecuador. I ended that journey with altitude sickness, exhaustion and plans to continue growing the project, called Dado. It, like Susty, promotes giving more than you take with a focus on sharing your privilege.

I am open to opportunities that promote goodness and well-being of the planet and each other, while designing entire brands and all the graphics associated with them.

For a clearer description of my ‘actual’ experience and all that, here’s a detailed resume.