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Me and Ev

Evan performed a solo show through Mise-En a few weeks ago, and some great photos and video clips have surfaced since our collaboration. It was my first live painting experience, but definitely not my last!



Bushwick kiddos and hipsters alike,

This Saturday, Aug 30th there will be no drawing class. Sorry!! I will be up in the great state of Maine with my folks sipping adult beverages from a pontoon. Check back here for updates, I should be set up in the same spot the following Saturday, 9/6.

Until then, keep drawing.




PS: Thanks to Wendy Montes for this great photo :) 


Art in the Park at Maria Hernandez Park!


2pm - SATURDAYS (while it's still warm!)



If you're real little I can draw your favorite character for you to color - but I can't draw for everyone! The point is to learn :) 


The past two Saturdays we did face perspective, shading basic objects, and understanding 3 dimension with highlights and shadows! It was GREAT! 


Check back later this week to confirm class for this Saturday (I may need to go camping instead....)    ;) 



Thanks Quarter Saturday!

Such an amazing blog post from Quarter Saturday. Thanks so much to the girls for stopping by and drawing with me, and writing this AWESOME article. xx


See you at the park tomorrow!


See full blog post at


No Art in the Park this Saturday, 7/19

Sorry guys, but my best friend is getting married!! I helped one girl draw a bride on Saturday, as per the bride's request. Her brother opted to draw a bat instead.


The following Saturday, 7/26 I'll be there! Hope to see some new and old faces!


If you have been before and you happen to see this post, please try to bring your own pad of paper, otherwise I only have so much space for newcomers.


Click the photo below to see a few moments from this past weekend! 




Art in the Park Success! Free drawing classes at Maria Hernandez Park

Art nerds,


The past two Saturdays have been awesome! Love all different aged people wandering over to ask what I'm doing. "Free drawing class yo!  Sit, draw!" And they do, and we draw stuff, and it's the greatest thing ever. 


For those wondering, classes are Saturdays at 2pm and I try to come with a specific lesson planned.  However, since it's for all ages and all types of artists, I do give you the freedom to draw what you want and how you please, at your pace. I'll give you tips and pointers if you want, but the class is just about being your bad artist self and - asking me questions! Take advantage cause I'm giving this to you for FREE! WHAT! 


If I can't make a Saturday, I'll say so here, so check back for udpates. I WILL NOT be here this Saturday, July 5th, as I will be VERY busy getting sun burnt on Cape Cod. See below for this month's schedule:

7/5 - no class - sun burning on beach

7/12 - 2pm class

7/19 - no class, will be watching my best friends get married in Vermont

7/26 - expect 2pm class

8/2 - expect 2pm class


Go to my contact section if you want to talk to me directly.



Ms. LeeAna


click photo for gallery:

Art in the Park! Maria Hernandez Park

FREE DRAWING CLASS TODAY AT 2pm! Realize this blog post is a little last minute, sorry! We will be sketching and learning new things! Join us!


I can now provide supplies :)  See you there! 

Bushwick Open Studios - Commercialism on Wilson Ave.

Hello Bushwickers! 


Come see my studio show this weekend on Wilson Ave btwn Hart and Suydam!

Details in the flyer below. 


See how commercial design in an inevitable corporate world and an artist's take on raw humanity will piece together in an intimate, somber display. 



Artists include:


LEEANA BENSON :: show concept, illustrations & graphics

NATALYA EGOROVA :: art direction, fashion design

G.ROMERO :: notebook series

PIA CORONEL :: video piece

MATTHEW KIRBY :: audio piece


Bushwick Art in the Park - Maria Hernandez Park

Hey art lovers,

At Maria Hernandez Park, Bushwick, Art in the Park's FREE drawing class will be held again this Saturday 4/12 (tomorrow) 2pm. Looking forward to seeing some new faces! This session will [attempt] to be more organized, by separating children from adult, and by having 2 lessons going on at once. Maybe I'll even bring something specific to draw besides my boyfriend. Also maybe I won't be such a nervous, awkward person...


If you walk around the outer circle of the park you will find me. I attached a picture of my SUPER impressive, new and improved sign JUST INCASE you miss it. 


Also I am almost certain no more than 1 person MAY read this before the class. If you are that person, I hope to see you there!



PS: I am fully admitting to the internet and the New York City Parks Department that I do NOT have a permit for tomorrow and going forward. Since the turn out was so little last time with a permit, I am going to wait to find out if this becomes a larger event as weeks go on. That being said, small donations are welcome! :) 


Saturday Drawing Weather

Hello Bushwick Artists! 


Looks like a CHANCE of rain during our drawing sesh on Saturday. I will be there rain or shine. If it's too rainy to get our art on, we can at least shake hands and plan for next time, maybe get to know each other under our umbrellas. If the sun is shining and not many drops in sight... GAME ON!


Look forward to meeting all you artists!