Bushwick Art in the Park - Maria Hernandez Park

Hey art lovers,

At Maria Hernandez Park, Bushwick, Art in the Park's FREE drawing class will be held again this Saturday 4/12 (tomorrow) 2pm. Looking forward to seeing some new faces! This session will [attempt] to be more organized, by separating children from adult, and by having 2 lessons going on at once. Maybe I'll even bring something specific to draw besides my boyfriend. Also maybe I won't be such a nervous, awkward person...


If you walk around the outer circle of the park you will find me. I attached a picture of my SUPER impressive, new and improved sign JUST INCASE you miss it. 


Also I am almost certain no more than 1 person MAY read this before the class. If you are that person, I hope to see you there!



PS: I am fully admitting to the internet and the New York City Parks Department that I do NOT have a permit for tomorrow and going forward. Since the turn out was so little last time with a permit, I am going to wait to find out if this becomes a larger event as weeks go on. That being said, small donations are welcome! :)