Art in the Park Success! Free drawing classes at Maria Hernandez Park

Art nerds,


The past two Saturdays have been awesome! Love all different aged people wandering over to ask what I'm doing. "Free drawing class yo!  Sit, draw!" And they do, and we draw stuff, and it's the greatest thing ever. 


For those wondering, classes are Saturdays at 2pm and I try to come with a specific lesson planned.  However, since it's for all ages and all types of artists, I do give you the freedom to draw what you want and how you please, at your pace. I'll give you tips and pointers if you want, but the class is just about being your bad artist self and - asking me questions! Take advantage cause I'm giving this to you for FREE! WHAT! 


If I can't make a Saturday, I'll say so here, so check back for udpates. I WILL NOT be here this Saturday, July 5th, as I will be VERY busy getting sun burnt on Cape Cod. See below for this month's schedule:

7/5 - no class - sun burning on beach

7/12 - 2pm class

7/19 - no class, will be watching my best friends get married in Vermont

7/26 - expect 2pm class

8/2 - expect 2pm class


Go to my contact section if you want to talk to me directly.



Ms. LeeAna


click photo for gallery: